When talking about air conditioning, the first thing we think of is a device that is capable of cooling our rooms. Because this kind of system was originally developed to cool homes and, therefore, for the hottest times of the year. However, some time ago, heat pump air conditioning broke in to provide not only cold in the summer, but also heating in the winter.

Heat pump air conditioners incorporate this element in order to reverse the cooling cycle. Therefore, they are systems capable of providing heat and cold all with the same system.

This, in addition to the obvious benefit of being able to use the equipment throughout the year, offers other advantages that we will discover today. But before that, we want to tell you how this system works.

How does heat pump air conditioning work?

If you want to invest in a new air conditioning system and you are interested in looking for a model that incorporates heat pump in your air conditioning store, but you still do not understand well how this kind of equipment works, we explain it below.

In principle, the heat pump is a device that works based on thermodynamics, ie, transports energy in the form of heat from one environment to another. This process takes place when the cooling fluid changes from a gaseous to a liquid state, thanks to the room temperature and with the help of a compressor.

When the pressure exerted on the refrigerating fluid is raised, it yields heat to the condenser and becomes liquid. It then passes through the expansion valve, after which its pressure and temperature rise, going back to a gaseous state, but inside the evaporator, which is where it recovers calories and generates heat.

In the case of heat pump air conditioning, this cycle that we have just explained is reversed. This means that the indoor unit will work as if it were the outdoor unit of the equipment. Thus, the evaporator (indoor unit) will work as a condenser and, therefore, will supply hot air to the interior of the house. While the condenser will become the evaporator pushing the air outside.

Benefits of heat pump air conditioning

When you go to an air conditioning store in search of a model that provides adequate air conditioning for your home, there are many factors to consider. Beyond the price, one of the characteristics that buyers pay most attention to is the level of efficiency of the appliance, which will later result in the cost of the electric bill.

Therefore, in recent years the air conditioning with heat pump became relevant in every air conditioning store, since it was positioned as one of the most efficient alternatives. However, this is not its only advantage, there are other benefits you should know about this kind of equipment:


Efficiency is one of the most outstanding benefits of heat pump air conditioning. The pump, as an element incorporated in the air conditioning unit, represents the possibility of transporting more heat than the electrical energy consumed. This ability to supply more useful energy in the form of heat than it consumes for its operation can represent a saving of up to 70{0728d68cb2198b6d88310b8a6775ece8d37f059edbc54afb64e46dbd0be3c148} compared to other types of traditional heating systems, such as gas or diesel.


The air conditioning units that incorporate heat pumps are a bet on sustainability. This is because they are models that work with renewable energy, taking advantage of the heat contained in the air around them. Thanks to this, they are systems that, despite requiring electrical energy to operate, do not produce direct carbon dioxide emissions.

I save

Because heat pump air conditioning provides more useful energy than it consumes and added to the fact that it runs on renewable energy, all this represents considerable energy savings. This, in addition to benefiting the environment, is a great benefit for users, since it allows them to save on electricity consumption at home, which represents the possibility of saving money at the end of the month when the electricity bill arrives.

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