Kinza Towel Review

Bath towels are to be considered one of everyone’s major bathroom necessities that should never be taken for granted. The same truth follows that you should not lower your standard when you are going shopping for the things that will be used for the long term. 

Since we’ve mentioned it, the criteria that you should look for when you go buy your set of towels may be largely based on personal preferences, budget, and accessibility. At the end of the day, it will still be you who will decide if you’ll go and buy the cheapest set, so long as it does the job of drying of the water after your bath or purposely looks for towels that may cost higher but comes with a whole bunch of features that will increase the total value of your bathrooms at home. 

In this article, we will discuss the six major reasons why you should buy your Kinza towels for your households today. 

What Is Kinza Towel?

Kinza is actually a brand of spa luxury towels that seek to help its consumers upgrade their own bathrooms into a 5-star spa experience, starting with their luxurious towels that are loaded with functional features that will definitely leave anyone in awe. 

The company is based in Singapore and proudly claims to have built their company with perfection, which is seen through the extensive experimentation and intricate crafting, just to achieve their final product today. 

Kinza towels, unlike any other regular towels, are made with 100{0728d68cb2198b6d88310b8a6775ece8d37f059edbc54afb64e46dbd0be3c148} Mōsō Bamboo from Japan, Which explains its luxurious difference from any other towels you can find in shopping centers. Today, Kinza is pioneering their own industry of opulent towels which are loved by everyone who tried it. 

High Absorbency

Since Kinza towels are made out of 100{0728d68cb2198b6d88310b8a6775ece8d37f059edbc54afb64e46dbd0be3c148} Mōsō Bamboo, this explains how absorbent their product is. Bamboo fibers are four times more absorbent in comparison to cotton fibers which are commonly used for towel production. 

With that said, Kinza towels are proven to absorb up to seven times their weight in water and at the same time, dries up three times quicker than any average towels around, due to its proprietary technology. 

This feature of bamboo towels, particularly in Kinza towels, is perfect for on-the-go individuals that want to be as dry as new linens right after they go out of bathrooms after a relaxing bath in the tub. 

Softer That Any Towels in the Market 

There is nothing more admirable than a soft towel touching any parts of your body as you step out of the shower or tub. Bamboo fibers are proven to be significantly softer compared to cotton fibers which makes it ideal for individuals that do not want to dry their skin with towels being as rough as sandpaper.

The soft texture of Kinza towels perfectly complements the high absorbency and quick-drying feature, making it a luxury spa experience every day for the users. 

On top of this, having a towel that is as soft as the clouds would prevent you from having microabrasion in your skin that may cause other more serious issues. 


Despite having the promised heaven-like softness, towels made from the fiber of bamboo are unbelievably durable. With bamboo fibers, towels are resistant to shrinkage due to constant laundering and pilling due to excessive usage. 

Kinza promises their towels to be lint-free and offers maximum durability due to the twisted yarn weave that they have incorporated in the production process. 

This perfectly addresses the issues for skeptical consumers who wish not only to have the softest bath linens but to also use the most durable ones. 

Antibacterial Properties

Bamboo towels naturally have antibacterial properties that will allow people to use them for longer days compared to regular towels. This will help consumers to save time and ditch washing their towels regularly as they would when using regular cotton towels. 

Kinza towels promise consumers of days when they no longer have to deal with towels with funky smells due to the presence of bacterial growth. 

With this, Kinza effectively combines hygiene and luxury into one product. 


Having been identified as one of the softest materials to be used for towel production, towels made out of MōSō Bamboo fibers are perfect for individuals with hypersensitive skins. 

With its soft and high absorbency feature, consumers no longer need to rub their own skin too hard which may cause irritation on the skin surface. 

Kinza towels claim to be the most suitable towel for individuals having problems regarding skin irritation as their products are hypoallergenic and are even perfect for the delicate skin of infants. 

Eco Friendly

The towel that is made out of bamboo fibers is 100{0728d68cb2198b6d88310b8a6775ece8d37f059edbc54afb64e46dbd0be3c148} organic and biodegradable. 

Kinza towels are made out of 100{0728d68cb2198b6d88310b8a6775ece8d37f059edbc54afb64e46dbd0be3c148} MōSō Bamboo fibers which makes them very suitable for individuals who are conscious of their own carbon footprint and wish to lessen it as they thrive and coexist with the nature around them. 

This makes Kinza towels a perfect option to take care of yourself without putting into jeopardy the sake of our own environment. 

Oeko-Tex® Certified

Kinza reassures their customers that they deliver their product with utmost care to the person who will be using it. As a matter of fact, Kinza towels are Oeko-Tex® Certified which simply means how dedicated they are to giving the best for the people who trust them. 

Being Oeko-Tex® Certified means that every material used for the production of their towels is tested for harmful substances and passing their standard means that their product is free from these particular chemicals. 

Oeko-Tex® conducts independent tests which ensure it is uninfluenced by any other factors. 

Kinza Towel Singapore

Concluding Thoughts 

Overall, Kinza towels may come with a hefty price but if we look into the features that their towels have, we can say that it is worth every penny and will undoubtedly give more value to your own bathroom.

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