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Our Farmers

At SimplyFresh, we provide our customers with fresh, high-quality ingredients purchased from our European farming partners. These are the farmers who love what they do and grow the produce with utmost care:
  • Gärtnerhof Glahe

    Founded in 1990, Gärtnerhof Glahe is a family-owned organic vegetable farm located in the lush plains between Soest and Paderborn in Germany. The rich loess-loam soil is ideal for growing fresh vegetables with exquisite sweetness and flavor. The 16ha farm grows predominantly arugula, celery, chard, Jerusalem artichoke and pumpkin. Franz Glahe has an arrangement with another organic farm in the neighborhood in which his farm provides clover grass as fodder and receives manure to fertilize his fields in return. The farm employs two full-time employees and up to 10 seasonal workers.

  • Bauers Garten

    Bauer's Garden is a family-run farm founded in 1992 by Achim Bauer and his wife, Katja Bessel. The farm employs three permanent employees and 45 to 50 seasonal workers. Achim Bauer has always been interested in organic farming from childhood and knew exactly how he wanted his farm to be when he set it up. In keeping with his passion, he now oversees everything to do with the growing of the vegetables.

  • Biolandhof Meiwes

    Biolandhof Meiwes is a family-run organic vegetable farm located south of Detmold. With more than 15 years of experience, the farm is one of the leading organic farms in Germany. Run by Susanne and Martin Meiwes, the farm’s organic produce is lovingly grown without conventional machinery and stringently checked to meet the highest quality standards. The Meiwes firmly believe in growing only the freshest and best crops in the most natural way, in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner.