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Grandma's Garden Box

Our Grandma’s Garden Box is packed full of scrumptious, hand-picked organic veggies suited for cooking up hearty dishes reminiscent of Grandma’s comforting kitchen.

You’re undoubtedly be able to make Grandma proud with all the things that you’ll be capable of cooking up with all the beautiful ingredients in this box!

Each box includes 5 - 7 kg of organic produce. Each week we make sure to include a variety of 8-10 types of the best organic vegetables available. Kindly note that the actual produce selection may differ from the image shown.

Current items

1 Pumpkin, 1kg of Potatoes, 700g of Turnips, 500g of Yellow Carrots, 500g of Vine Tomatoes, 300g of Onions, 2 Beetroots, 1 Romanesco Cauliflower, 2 Kohlrabi, 2 Fennel

Free delivery for orders above $100

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