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Juicing Box

Why bother paying for an exorbitant juice cleanse when you can conduct a cheaper DIY cleanse at home with the best and freshest organic European produce? Our Juicing Box provides you with more than enough fruit and veggies suited for an entire 3-day cleanse!

Alternatively, if detoxing isn't your thing, this box is also perfect for creating your daily morning juice concoction or evening perk-me-up drink for an entire week. Looks like you no longer have an excuse not to meet your 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily requirement anymore!

Each box includes 5 - 7 kg of organic produce. Each week we make sure to include a variety of 8-10 types of the best organic vegetables available. Kindly note that the actual produce selection may differ from the image shown.

Current items

1kg of Apples, 1kg of Bananas, 2 Avocados, 1kg of Grapefruits, 1kg of Blood Oranges, 2 Beetroots, 600g of Carrots, 600g of Kale, 700g Dandelion, 700g Colored swiss chard

Free delivery for orders above $100

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