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Organic Wild variations of tomato

Suitable for salads or as snacks. They consist of old varieties that cannot currently be found in the USA, Russia and Mexico. Protection of biodiversity is an important aspect of organic farming.

Some varieties are:

-Red Zebra or Tiger Ella, red fruit with significantly abstechenden yellow orange stripes originating in the United States. The tomato has a rich, spicy flavor.
- Brown Berry, tomato known since the 18th century, originating in Russia. Dark red-brown color and a full sweet taste.
- Orange Berry or Karomate, plum tomato with a sweetish taste. In addition, very rich in carotenes, hence the name "Karomate". Inside and out is very beautiful peach fruit. pink berry.
- Dark pink colored fruit. Very popular in Japan.
- Mini plum tomato, an early variety of plum tomato with soft texture and a sweetish, juicy taste.

Country : Demeter / Sicily

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